Jim Harris Claim

Expand your freedom and choice by becoming more mindful of experience in the here and now. Psychological issues may once have been adaptive solutions to life problems. Difficulties arise when life circumstances change and old solutions no longer fit or become self-defeating. There may be lack of hope for the future. Important life matters such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and relationship issues, can be addressed. Please contact me to see how psychotherapy will work for you.
I enjoy exploring the unconscious through dreams and free association, teaching the principles of dream interpretation to reduce suffering and promote psychological and emotional growth, and helping to develop psychological mindedness to better understand yourself and others.
My specialty is psychoanalytic psychotherapy, a depth psychology therapy that can be especially helpful for long-standing issues. Consultation is typically conducted in a peaceful setting so conducive to psychological discovery: Floor to ceiling windows overlook a picturesque park. In this time of corona virus, now meeting virtually.
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