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Are you experiencing a devitalized marriage with ongoing conflict and loss of trust? Are you struggling with depression, anxiety and unable to cope with daily life stressors? With extensive professional, personal and corporate experiences that cover a diverse collection of cultures, traditions and personalities, I’ve come to realize one thing: No matter who we are or where we are from—family, faith or philosophy, we all long for honest, connected relationships, and personal wholeness. Let me partner with you to discover and redefine healthy new perspectives that will transform your life.
My approach to therapy is eclectic. That means, I don’t believe a one size approach fits all, even though we all share common themes of life. My goal is for you be the one individual that can make a difference in your social spheres, and leave a Godly legacy to the world.
I understand that therapy requires a significant investment of your time and may include some emotional discomfort. My goal is to provide a safe and trusting therapeutic environment that leads to the relief of negative emotions, improves significant relationships, and explores practical solutions to specific problems.
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