Liz Amaro Claim

Are you experiencing relationship issues? Still feeling the effects of past or ongoing trauma? Do you have other mental or relational health needs and learn best through the creative arts? Life can bring about a number of unexpected challenges, often leaving us vulnerable and deeply impacted. While these moments can be opportunities for growth, they can also shatter our understanding of life and can have a lasting effect on our relationships. As a marriage and family therapist, I work collaboratively with individuals and couples, honoring their complex experiences and facilitating opportunities for self rediscovery and growth.
With training in Gottman Couples Therapy, EMDR, Art Therapy and Mindfulness-based Therapy, I am able to tailor my therapy treatment based on a individual’s or a couple’s needs. I specialize in treating trauma/post-traumatic stress, marital conflict, depression, anxiety, life transitions, postpartum anxiety and post-partum depression.
No matter what unique challenges you face, I am dedicated to providing a safe and collaborative environment for you to process through difficult material and heal from trauma, victimization, and other life issues.
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