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If you’ve ever wondered why relationships are so damn hard. You’re in the right place. I get it. I specialize in helping couples tackle modern-day relationship issues ranging from dealing with FOMO, marriage and commitment, partner conflict, loss of intimacy, infidelity, and parenting/co-parenting stress. Relationships today require a different type of therapy approach that work in today’s world. I aim to provide researched-based practices to help you achieve the kind of love and life you want.
In addition to couples therapy, I specialize in helping individuals who are dealing with a range of issues such as navigating the dating world, career fulfillment, healing from unhealthy relationships or difficult breakups, codependency, family dynamics, stress and anxiety, perfectionism, and more.
I also offer EMDR therapy to treat PTSD and trauma. Grief/loss, sexual abuse/assault, attachment disorder, anxiety, and depression are some of the common issues I treat in individual therapy. I am a Vietnamese American therapist who can speak Vietnamese fluently so please let me know if you need therapy to be conducted in Vietnamese.
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