R Mason McCamey Claim



I am a Licensed Professional Counselor working with teens and adults who struggle with behavior and emotional problems, including anger management, substance issues, anxiety, depression and other issues. I can help you work through these issues to move on to a better life for yourself and your family. Working side-by-side, I will help you find acceptance for unchangeable life circumstances and work on behavioral strategies to overcome those challenges you can learn to change. Together, we will help you learn that you can find relief from suffering and move on to a life you are proud of!
My history of working with adolescents and adults in therapeutic and psychiatric settings allows me to help those who need to work on behavior patterns causing consistent life problems, including problems in relationships, acting-out or addictive behaviors, anxiety/depression – or just not being the person you want to be.
Evening appointments available! Specific areas I work with include: anxiety, depression, substance use, anger management, coping technique improvement, relationship issues, parenting concerns, family discord, complications from grief, work problems, and more. Just inquire and we can talk about your treatment options.
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