Sapna Patel Claim



Do you struggle with meaning and purpose in life? Do you find yourself around others but feel disconnected from them? Does it feel as if something is holding you back, and that you’re not able to be your true self? Perhaps pain from the past is keeping you from living in the present, or maybe you feel restricted by cultural values and beliefs that do not seem to fit who you are. Regardless of the circumstance, do you experience a deep longing that there’s something more? If so, therapy may be a space to discover, connect with and give voice to the many parts of yourself, and experience renewed wholeness.
I believe that we each have an inherent capacity to heal and grow when provided the right environment and support. My approach to therapy involves being with you in all of your humanness. I strive to work collaboratively with you to access your own inner wisdom and aim to move at a pace that supports trust, awareness, growth, and insight.
I enjoy working with people from various backgrounds, identities and cultures. I primarily work with adults offering individual therapy in areas such as life transitions, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, complex PTSD, childhood trauma, sexual assault, grief and loss, family conflict, identity concerns, acculturation, and the impact of oppression.
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